Lubricants & DEF

We offer high-quality Chevron lubricants in both bulk and packaged formats for all applications, including diesel trucks, passenger cars, industrial equipment, construction equipment and farm equipment, as well as low environmental impact fluids for various applications.

Chevron is the world’s largest supplier of premium lubricant base oils and the only major oil company that operates its own lubricant additive technology company. They also have the largest and most modern blending facility serving our market. This sets Chevron apart in its ability to provide superior performing products at an excellent value.

We are proud to be the only Chevron Lubricants First Source Marketer in Hawaii. We deliver the value you need with a strong partnership and the best supplier. For information on Chevron Lubricant products for all your needs:

Chevron Product Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets

You may also access the product data sheets or Safety Data Sheets providing technical data for all of Chevron’s petroleum products here: click here for more information.

Chevron Lubewatch

Chevron Lubewatch ™ is a world-class fluid analysis program that provides the information you need to manage your lubrication program and equipment. The Chevron Lubewatch™ Used Oil Analysis Program provides excellent data quality, prompt sample turnaround and web sample label printing and data access in a customer-friendly manner.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with this powerful tool, and help you better understand the value of data-driven maintenance.  Click here for more information.